Join us this June for these must-attend sessions plus
a reception and dinner on Monday, June 6th.

Tuesday, June 7th

Networking Breakfast


10 Fundamental Changes to Fuel Growth

The last two years have forced all of us to alter business plans and review old strategies. In many cases, they’ve led to growth in value and profits. Which of these changes are here to stay? Which tactics have run their course? Where are leading Renewd members investing now? Join this discussion as we highlight sustainable changes that will support your information industry goals for 2022 and beyond.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Learn which pandemic-era changes are here to stay—and which will just fade away
  • Get growth strategies and tactics to drive your business for the long haul
  • Discover ten fundamental changes that will fuel growth
Cindy Carter
Cindy Carter (Panelist)
President, WCG Market Intelligence and Insights
Robin Crumby
Robin Crumby (Panelist)
Co-founder, Kademy
David Foster
David Foster (Moderator)
CEO, Business Valuation Resources

Keynote: Riding a Rocket: Behind Taking MJBiz from Startup to $150 Million Exit

From a risky launch in 2011... to record-breaking sales from 2016-on... to surviving the pandemic and coming out on the other side with the largest indie exit of 2021, Anne Holland's and co-founder Cassandra Farrington's MJBiz has been like riding a rocket ship. Holland will share her behind-the-scenes peek of how they pulled it off, complete with strategic lessons learned along the way. For anyone who knows Holland, you know she is direct and fully transparent, so be prepared to hear the full scoop: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Get the inside scoop on what's involved with selling your company
  • Learn how to weather the whirlwind of fast-and-furious growth
  • Discover strategies and lessons from an industry veteran
Anne Holland
Anne Holland
Co-Founder MJ Biz and Serial Entrepreneur

Networking Break


Using Data to Drive Renewals

In this session, you will learn how Money-Media uses data to assess and address risk during the life of a subscription, regularly resulting in dollar-based renewal rates of 100%. With the proper use of data, you can measure engagement, reduce risk, steer pricing, and garner insights for product development.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • See how Money-Media maximizes renewals with the use of data
  • Understand how data can be applied to different products
  • Learn how to use data throughout the subscription lifecycle
Dan Fink
Dan Fink
Managing Director, Money-Media

The Path to Profitable Year-Round Community Models

We'll discuss the difference between membership and community, and why it matters. You'll learn about what your peers have tried, successful and not-so-successful models, and the tons of tools out there that support communities.

Cindy Carter
Stephanie Eidelman
CEO, The iA Institute

Lunch and Networking


A/B Testing Results: Find Out What Works and What Doesn't

Which headline, image, button, or color will result in more engagement and revenue? You can guess, but it's better to get real-world answers through A/B testing. In this session, you'll learn, Hannah Glover, Greg Krehbiel, and Stephanie Williford will review tests from a number of different publishers and show the often surprising results.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Get new testing ideas for your digital marketing efforts.
  • Find out what works—and what doesn’t. The results may surprise you!
  • Save time and money by avoiding useless and wasteful testing.
Hannah Glover
Hannah Glover
Group Managing Editor, Money Media, a division of Financial Times
Greg Krehbiel
Greg Krehbiel
President, The Krehbiel Group
Stephanie Williford
Stephanie Williford
CEO, EB Medicine

How to Pick the Right Technologies for Your Business

The technology landscape can be confusing and complex for specialized information businesses. CMS, CDP, Payment and Billing, Marketing Automation, and a dozen others...It's easy to get lost in the morass of options! And we've all heard horror stories of technology bought and abandoned due to a lack of fit or loss of a champion within a business. But how do you go about identifying requirements, researching companies, and ultimately getting the right technologies for your business? Join Kathy Greenler Sexton as she shares best practices and insights that will help you make the right decisions.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How to identify the RIGHT technology solution providers
  • How to quickly, but completely, identify your requirements and specifications to your prospective tech provider
  • How to sort through RFP responses to compare apples to apples and make the right decistion
  • How to plan and execute tech implementation
Kathy Greenler Sexton
Kathy Greenler Sexton
CEO & Publisher, Subscription Insider

Betting Big on Niche Markets

This fireside chat will cover the rationale for Axios entering the subscription market, the goals of this new initiative, and the expected impact on Anxios' growth.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • What makes subscription-worthy content for a professional audience?
  • The importance of UX to the subscriber experience.
  • How Axios' writing style translates to the paid audience.
George Moriarty
George Moriarty
Senior Editor, Axios Pro
Andy Baker
Andy Baker
Director & Practice Lead, B2B Information, Collingwood Advisory

Networking Break


Keynote: 7 Digital Marketing Skills That'll Never Go Out of Style

Every year, webinars, articles, and blog posts are filled with the annual prognostications about digital trends and (let's be honest) absolute guesses about what’s coming in the next year and beyond. But the reality is that no one goes back and checks to see if those predictions were true, relevant, or simply ridiculous. Matt flips the script by going back to "7 Digital Marketing Skills That'll Never Go Out of Style." Regardless of changes, trends, or technology, these foundational skills prepare you to handle anything. In fact, you’ll be more adaptable than those who might know the new tech but haven’t gained or honed these skills. What goes out of style are tactics that’ll be extinct faster than parachute pants, big hair, or grunge. Instead, in this session, you'll learn to develop methods of thinking and approaches to new digital challenges based on experience, measurement, and communication.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Learn the 7 tried-and-true skills needed to succeed with digital marketing
  • Find out how to spot—and avoid—marketing "trends" that are really just fads
  • Get oriented to the right mindset and approaches for mastering every digital aspect of your business
Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey
Founder, and Digital Marketing Instructor, Site Logic

Interactive Roundtable Discussions

  • M&A Update
  • Branding
  • The Customer Journey: onboarding and engagement
  • Affiliate marketing, etc
  • Future of Content
  • Recurring Billing
  • Leveraging freemium models to paid subscribers
  • Customer experience on mobile devices
  • Professional development & career paths for employees/managers
  • Managing and motivating a sales team
  • Pricing

Cocktail Reception


Dutch Treat Dinner