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Monday, June 10

Networking Breakfast


Welcome Remarks

David Foster
David Foster
Chair, Business Valuation Resources and 2024 Renewd Summit Conference Chair

Keynote: Combining Media and Subscriptions - A Renewd Success Story

Discover the innovative fusion of media and subscriptions during this keynote session. You'll learn how pioneering strategies revolutionized engagement and revenue streams in real-world examples. Get insights you won't find elsewhere, and uncover the challenges and opportunities for specialized information publishers.

  • Learn about pioneering approaches that blend media and subscription models.
  • Get firsthand accounts of successful strategies that overcame obstacles and fueled growth.
  • Discover how integrating media and subscriptions creates new avenues for content delivery, customer retention, and revenue growth!
Jacob Cohen Donnelly
Jacob Cohen Donnelly
Founder, A Media Operator

Product Roadmap Strategies: The Road to Successful Enterprise Sales

Stacey Bailey
Vice President, Chartwell
Elizabeth Petersen
Elizabeth Petersen
Chief Content Officer, Business Valuation Resources

Networking Break & Meetups


Horizon Planning: Preparing for the Users of the Future

Explore what future market demands are likely to be — and how media, events, and information companies need to adapt to meet them. We'll cover the developing impacts of Generative AI and its role in changing user expectations about interacting with content and data.

  • Get questions answered, such as "How will users of the future be different?"
  • Learn how to anticipate evolving customer needs with future-trend insights.
  • Get the skinny on emerging technologies that will really matter for your business when it comes to customer interactions.
Jennifer Schivas
Jennifer Schivas
CEO, 67 Bricks
Will Bailey
Will Bailey
Head of Partnerships, 67 Bricks

Enterprise sales of $100k+ (Licensing, premium price points, product deliverables)

Kevin Turpin
Kevin Turpin
President, National Journal

Delivering an Audience-First Publishing Model

Speaker TBD


Lunch and Networking (Table Topics)


Growing Subscription Revenue at Scale – The EndPoints Case Study

Arsalan Arif
Arsalan Arif
Founder, Endpoints News

Best In-Class Strategies For Sales Leadership and Customer Success

Brian Cuthbert
Brian Cuthbert
Group Vice President, Diversified Communications

Driving Sustainable Growth and Navigating the Technological Evolution with PubTech

Not even the smallest publisher can ignore the power and promise of technology. At this session, get first-hand experience and knowledge about leveraging technology to grow your business (big or small).

  • Get 3 simple technology solutions for your media business.
  • How far back should you digitize content for maximum benefit and effect? And how to do it efficiently!
  • Learn how not to be overwhelmed by the technology choices, and costs, that are available to you.
Nirav Oza
Nirav Oza
Chief Strategy and Customer Officer, (Ace Infoway Division)

Networking Break


How To Maintain Email Deliverability as Regulators and Spam Filters Become Increasingly Invasive

Learn how spam filtering has evolved over the years, and get practical tips and best practices for improving B2B email deliverability.

  • Get 3 actionable ideas, for right now, about avoiding your recipients' SPAM folder.
  • Learn what new regulatory initiatives might sink your email deliverability.
  • Master best practices for not only avoiding the SPAM folder but also getting your email messages opened!
Egon Smullyan
Egon Smullyan
VP, Commercial Operations, FT Specialist

What Do Your Customers Need Today that You're Not Providing?

Andy Baker
Andy Baker
Director & Practice Lead, B2B Information, Collingwood Advisory

Specialized Information Roundtables


Cocktail Reception


Dutch Treat Group Dinners (locations, details and sign-up info to follow)