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Track 1: Sales & Marketing

We're Back. Now Let's Move Forward

  • The evolution and strategy that transformed McGraw Hill Financial, a traditional publisher, to S&P Global, a high-growth, higher-margin benchmarks, data and analytics company.
  • The importance of getting close to your customers and end users
  • S&P Global’s approach to investing in startups and venture capital.
  • Lessons learned from the pandemic
  • S&P Global’s leadership position in the ESG movement and what small and medium sized businesses should be doing.

Thriving on Change: Balancing Uncertainty with Opportunity.

  • Learn to spot changes in your market post-Pandemic
  • Recognize the clues of a market risk worth taking
  • Know when it's time to make a go/no go decision

Why Effective Engagement Means More Trials and Conversions

  • Valuable lessons for increasing conversion and retention based on Piano's proprietary data from hundreds of publishers.
  • The powerful effect on conversion rates when you raise the engagement level of trialists and match them with the right offer.
  • Steps to increase engagement from subscribers and increase retention rates.

Pricing and Retention Lessons from 23,400 Companies

  • How reducing churn is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, levers of growth for business
  • How sharpening retention is a game of precision
  • Why even the smallest percentiles can have resounding effects
  • Tactical tools for methodically leveraging your retention strategy and maximizing revenue potential