2021 Renewd Summit

Innovation and Growth Post-Pandemic

On-Demand Access to 15 High-Impact Sessions

How to Position Your Content Business for Growth in the Year Ahead

At the online 2021 Renewd Summit, 34 leading visionaries and experts in publishing, specialized content, and events delivered the latest insights and ideas for reinvigorating your business and planning for huge growth in a post-pandemic world.

This on-demand event is packed with quick-hitting sessions on:

  • Growth strategies that your peers are using right now to achieve blockbuster growth.
  • Proven tips and tricks to maximize member engagement and renewal rates.
  • New product ideas that you can bring from idea to execution quickly.
  • The latest insight on how to deliver successful high profit events.
  • Plus dozens more "Why didn’t I think of that?" strategies for solving your most pressing challenges!

At only $50 for access to all the sessions, even just one new idea can deliver a blockbuster ROI! 

Featured Speakers

Track 1

 Focus on Sales and Marketing 

  • Keynote: We’re Back. Now Let’s Move Forward
  • Thriving in an Era of Change: How Opportunity Emerges from Uncertainty
  • Why Effective Engagement Means More Trials and Conversions
  • Pricing for New Products, New Markets
  • Special Guest Speaker, Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Track 2

Focus on Product Development, Technology, and Content

  • Keynote: The future: Building and Monetizing Communities
  • Building Deeper Communities with Virtual Events
  • Driving Revenue and Engagement with Online & Hybrid Events
  • Website Design that Drives User Engagement


Focus on Management and Business Owner Issues

  • Fireside Chat: Finding and Addressing NEW Opportunities Meaningful to Your Bottom Line
  • Case Studies in New Growth Models for Information Companies
  • M&A Case Study: Successful Ownership Transition
  • How To Create a Flexible Environment that Increases Productivity & Boosts Innovation
  • You’ve Been Hacked; Now What? Avoiding Regulatory and Reputational Damage
  • DEI and Your Client Community: Understanding Nuance and Needs


  • Amy Klobuchar
    Senator Amy Klobuchar


  • Doug-Peterson
    Doug Peterson President & CEO, S&P Global
  • Ashley-Friedlein
    Ashley FriedleinCEO & Founder, Guild
  • Leslie-Norins
    Leslie Norins Founder & CEO, MCI911, and creator of 80 successful product launches


    Andre Bywater Partner, Codery Compliance
  • Patrick-Campbell-scaled
    Patrick Campbell Founder and CEO, ProfitWell
  • Cindy Carter
    Cindy Carter President, Market Intelligence & Insights
  • Angela-Chitkara
    Angela Chitkara Faculty, Columbia University
  • Matthew Cibellis
    Matthew Cibellis Principal, Cibellis Solutions
  • Ed-Coburn-scaled
    Ed Coburn CEO, Cabot Heritage Group
  • Helen-Coetzee
    Helen Coetzee Founder & CEO, MPG
  • Brian-Cuthbert
    Brian Cuthbert Group Vice President, Diversified Communications
  • Bill Dugan
    Bill Dugan Senior Vice President of Marketing, Mequoda Systems
  • Dan-Fink
    Dan Fink Managing Director, Money-Media
  • David-Foster
    David FosterCEO, Business Valuation Resources
  • Scott-Giordano-scaled
    Scott GiordanoGeneral Counsel, Spirion
  • Hannah-Glover
    Hannah GloverGroup Managing Editor, FT Money-Media
  • John-hitchcock
    John HitchcockMD and VP, Energy Intelligence Group
  • Chris-Howells-scaled
    Chris HowellsHead of Business Networks, Tortoise Media
  • Jane-Johnson-scaled
    Jane Johnson President, Business Transition Academy Inc.
  • Angela-Kornegor
    Angela Kornegor Executive Director, MedLearn Media
  • Kelly-Leach-scaled
    Kelly Leach Consultant, former COO, Board Member, Blurb
  • Timothy-Lutts
    Timothy Lutts Cabot Wealth Network
  • James-Mayes
    James Mayes CEO, Mind the Product
  • Lisa-McInturff
    Lisa McInturff Chief Revenue Officer, BVR
  • Douglas-McIntyre
    Douglas A. McIntyre CEO, 24/7 Wall St. LLC
  • Carolyn Morgan
    Carolyn Morgan Speciall Media
  • Colin-Morrison-OBE
    Colin Morrison OBE Media Industry Advisor and Investor
  • David-Pike-scaled
    David Pike Editor-in-Chief, Energy Intelligence Group
  • Julian-Rose
    Julian Rose Director & Cofounder, Environment Analyst
  • Michael-Silberman-scaled
    Michael Silberman SVP, Strategy, Piano
  • Roxann-Stafford
    Roxann StaffordMD, The Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund
  • Cali-Yost-scaled
    Cali Yost CEO and Founder, Flex+Strategy Group
  • Mark-Young
    Mark A. Young President, Grist Mill Advisors LLC


The Renewd Guarantee

This Conference is guaranteed to provide your company a 10x return on your investment. If it does not, let us know and we'll provide a full refund. Every penny. No questions asked.

  • On-Demand Rate $50

Who Should Order

Leaders, managers and key staff of subscription, membership and event organizations who are seeking unique insights and perspectives on how to make their business thrive in these challenging times.

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