On the Offense: 10 Ways to Improve Your Sales Strategies to Thrive in 2023

Whether you have one sales person or 100, our success depends on our ability to increase the value of our existing customers and convert prospects into “lifetime” business. We’ve all become pros at optimizing our sales and lead gen pipelines.

But then: the world changed. Current external factors demand that we adjust all our strategies—and the KPI’s we use to measure success. As we look forward, we need to answer new questions such as:

  •  Does potential double-digit inflation require adjustments to your annual and multi-year sales policies What new usage patterns should drive your pricing (and discounting) strategies?
  •  Can you still hire well enough—or quickly enough—to respond to new opportunities?
  •  Are you relying on pre-COVID market research to guess how your customer behaviors have changed?
  •  Do your products still provide “disruptive”—or even unique—answers to next year’s market needs?
  •  Am I spending too much to close a sale? How do I know anymore?·
  •  Are my customer “touchpoints” optimized when users are remote? Are there enough? Too many?
  •  Has a competitor become a “trusted advisor” to your market?

David discusses 11 strategies (giving the customer more than you promised still works!), and two new surveys of information industry sales leaders. You’ll get answers, and also current benchmark data you can use to know if you’re succeeding—or struggling.

Speaker:  David Foster, Business Valuation Resources

Date:  Oct. 27, 2022