AI in Publishing – How media businesses are maintaining a competitive edge with process efficiencies, product innovation, new revenue streams, personalization and content discovery

AI is set to become the greatest disruption to hit our industry since the internet. From content creation to sales, marketing, customer service, operations, content discovery, and product development — every part of our business will be affected. The impact is already being felt.

In this roundtable discussion we go beyond the hype to discuss real-world applications for artificial intelligence including:

*  The strategies, frameworks and models B2B media businesses are developing.
*  The AI-tools they are piloting for content or product development.
*  How leaders and experts see the future and how they are preparing their businesses to take full advantage.
*  The skills and competency gaps to address.
*  How to manage the risks around data security, privacy and accuracy.

Link to slide deck here.
Link to 2-page takeaway summary here.

Recorded: August 9, 2023