Accelerating into 2022: Growth Catalysts from Renewd Members

Renewd’s own Stephanie Williford (EB Medicine) and Ed Coburn (Cabot Wealth) as we discuss Accelerating into 2022: Growth Catalysts from Renewd Members. Ed and Stephanie bring their unique perspective because, as joint directors of Renewd, they’ve talked to as many of our members as anyone. The open-ended discussion will help all senior leaders share and discuss where to make their big bets for this year, and beyond.

Topics and Takeaways

What bets are your Renewd peers making this year? Some exclusive themes we’ll cover include:

  • “Accelerating into 2022”—is that the true mood or is it fake media?
  • Investors are sitting on lot of cash—what does that mean for this year’s strategy?
  • What are the top ten catalysts for change Renewd members are making now to grow their businesses?
    • Finding and developing leaders
    • Transforming their “workforce” or pool of talents
    • Adding smart tech
    • Accelerating the power of marketing and/or sales to increasing the value of key customers
    • Advancing business planning and strategic leadership
    • Adding new partners or new capital or new acquisitions? (“Adjacent, more wallet share, new markets”)
    • Making—or licensing–richer data and/or content?
    • And much much more…

Recorded: January 27, 2022