AI, Publishers and the Law

In yet another nod to the rapidly emerging importance of Artificial Intelligence to our industry, Renewd brings you a briefing on AI’s legal ramifications for publishers. Rob Powley and Steve Ankrom, partners at intellectual property specialist firm Powley & Gibson, will describe what to be mindful of when using AI for product and content creation and how you can protect against its potentially predatory use by others. Renewd member John Hitchcock, managing director and vice president, Energy Intelligence Group, will be the host.

• Legal pitfalls to be aware of when using AI for content creation

• Copyright registration of AI-produced content—Is it possible?

• Protecting your content from being exploited by AI models

• What to do when the use of AI implicates privacy laws

• Using AI to police and enforce your copyrights

• Legal trends—how is the law evolving to address AI?

December 7, 2023