Best Practices for Recurring Revenue & Billing

Have you ever wondered if your renewal rates are below or above your peers? If your churn rates are super high? Or even how to change and improve them? Hosted by Subscription Insider’s Kathy Greenler Sexton, this webinar will examine the current state of recurring billing for business publishers, dish out benchmarks, and offer some best practices for you to think about and test in your own organization. As CEO of Subscription Insider, Kathy works with some of the subscription industry’s leading global brands and understands what is working and not working across the industry for recurring billing. While business publishers may not have the volume of a Netflix, New York Times, or even a BarkBox, there are tactics and strategies that are transferrable to a B2B media organization. Our discussion dives into what Kathy is seeing across the subscription industry, shares benchmarks, and discusses best practices relevant to business media and publishing, including: (1) an overview of the renewal process, and key points where you can improve; (2) a discussion on involuntary churn, the bane of every subscription organization; (3) industry and publishing-specific benchmarks, how do you compare?; and (4) strategies and tactics for improving performance. This on-demand webinar will give you a solid understanding of the renewal process, be able to understand how your business is doing compared to others, and have strategies and tactics to test to improve performance.

Date Recorded: September 29, 2021