On the Offense: Building on Success: How New Leadership Can Drive Change

Longtime industry leader and BVR CEO David Foster interviews Diane Schwartz, CEO of Ragan Communications, to discuss the challenges and opportunities she has faced in the nearly three years since stepping into the CEO role with a strategic mandate to expand the “brand.”

Hear from Diane what strategies worked and what building blocks were necessary before the new initiatives could thrive.

Exclusive Takeaways for Renewd Members

  • When you’re already a household name for your industry, how you can change customer expectations
  • Why brand strength becomes even more essential as change accelerates
  • How good leaders build even stronger talent within their organizations
  • Which part of your existing markets will respond best to value-adding products and strategies
  • How can you more accurately recognize which“important topics” will open doors with existing–and new–subscribers?
  • How you can improve and grow your own company, even during these uncertain times.

Record Date:  February 24, 2022