Charging Ahead: New Product Development in a Post-Pandemic Market

If “necessity is the mother of invention,” the pandemic was one mother of a catalyst! The “pivot” became the de facto product development strategy for Renewd members in 2020, upsetting best-laid plans and scuttling or delaying many product releases. But what now? How will you decide when and how to get back on track with new product development efforts? Anne Holland declares that it’s time to charge ahead! Her case studies will illustrate what time has taught us about reading and riding market cycles to capitalize on the next opportunity. Anne will share how Marijuana Business Daily successfully launched in an economic downturn and how spin-off MJBizCon took off to become America’s fastest-growing trade show — and then survived last year’s all-out travel ban.

This webinar covers these issues and more:

  •  Why is this a good time to charge ahead with new product development?
  •  What are the best ways to gather meaningful market data and feedback from a prospective audience?
  • What are examples of innovating or iterating to produce new products for a single market?
  • How can you avoid making the mistakes of moving too slowly—or too quickly—when developing new products?
  • What are the valuable lessons/takeaways learned during the pandemic?
  • What tips do you have for overcoming the “PTSD” of the pandemic? Shouldn’t we be gun-shy?

Find out why Anne is so optimistic, and allow yourself to be inspired by her past successes and future hopes and plans!