Renewd Webinar: Fool-Proof Strategies to Bring New Product Ideas to Life

Are you completely satisfied with your new product development process? With crisis comes opportunity and those who stay close to their audience and move quickly to act on new product ideas often see the fastest growth coming out of a crisis. But, moving quickly doesn’t mean shooting from the hip or taking wild guesses and which new products will be a success. Join Rob Ristagno – CEO of marketing and strategic advisory firm The Sterling Woods Group – as he shares scalable product development strategies specifically for publishers and content organizations that reduce risk and help you to deliver faster growth. Whether you are a niche publisher or a global event producer, new ideas consume resources and (now more than ever) you need to be placing your bets on the ideas with the best odds of success. Rob taught an MBA-level course on new product development at Boston College and this webinar is a synthesis of that course! In this fast-paced webinar.

You’ll learn:

  1. The five phases of new product development
  2. The importance of aligning your team around a Product Innovation Charter
  3. Market research techniques to generate and test product concepts
  4. How to make go/no-go decisions based on financial analysis
  5. The best ways to ensure success at launch… and beyond!

Date Recorded: April 13, 2021