Easy Strategies to Boost Your Subscription Renewal Rates

Many publishers experienced an uptick in subscription and membership sales during the 2020 pandemic as their audience was thirsty for timely quality content. But, the most critical key performance indicator isn’t your new sales…it’s your renewal rate. Are you doing everything you can to retain your subscriber base? Are you making common mistakes in your renewal series that are letting subscribers slip right through the cracks? In this FREE one-hour webinar, subscription expert and Founder of magazine and media advisory firm Four String Media, Greg Wolfe, shares some of the latest and most effective best practices for achieving eye-opening subscription renewal rates…in any economy.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to analyze your renewal data to spot root issues
  2. How each element of a renewal series (email, mail, phone, autorenewal) plays a role
  3. The right ways to schedule and time your efforts
  4. Effective pricing and offer strategies
  5. Creative copy and design tips, options, best practices, and lots of examples
  6. When to use gift subscription “donor” renewal
  7. How to incorporate advance renewals into your series
  8. And much more! Unless your renewal rates are 100%, don’t miss this fast-paced action-oriented discussion with Greg Wolfe moderated by Kim Mateus, Chief Strategy Officer with Mequoda.