How to Succeed with Digital Subscriptions and Get the Most Out of Your Subscription Strategy [Partner Content]

Renewd members understand the benefits of subscriptions, recurring revenue, and increased customer lifetime value, but where to take their subscription business in 2023 and beyond can be a daunting task. What strategies can help continue growth? What new product and service offerings can meet the needs of current and future customers? And what technologies can they turn to help them achieve ambitious business goals?

During this exclusive webinar sponsored by Zephr and hosted by Renewd, Zephr discusses ways digital publishers can enhance their subscription strategies.

The webinar was moderated by Renewd’s Co-Chair Ed Coburn and led by 3 guest speakers:
– Shannan Bowen, Product and Audience Strategy Consultant
– Kyle Whitworth, Senior Customer Success Manager, Zephr
– Merry Eisner, CEO & Co-Publisher, RTO Insider

In the webinar, they:
– Outline and explain the intricacies of the subscription model
– Reveal how publishers can better attract and convert subscribers
– Discuss the pros and cons of types of paywalls
– Provide tips on how to grow your subscriber base, increase subscription revenue, and reduce churn
– Share ways publishers can take the subscriber experience further

Recorded: November 30, 2022