Making US Sales Tax Less Complicated

Check out the recording of “Making US Sales Tax Less Complicated” as Founder Diane Yetter of YETTER Tax navigates the intricate landscape of sales tax nexus and compliance. Diane delved into the complexities of Sales Tax Nexus, exploring the impact of physical presence, such as employees, inventory, and traveling activities, as well as the implications of economic nexus, including a state-by-state guide and insights into nexus cessation.

The webinar successfully demystified Product Classification, highlighting its crucial role in determining taxability across various formats such as print or digital, different delivery methods, and content types including text, audio, and video. It comprehensively covered Liability Determination strategies, providing attendees with effective approaches to identify start dates, calculate exposure, communicate with customers, and consider necessary corrective actions. Moreover, participants were guided through Next Steps to ensure compliance, addressing risks linked to registration or settlement, and evaluating suitable tax and compliance solutions.

HERE is a link to Diane’s slides.

Recorded: June 27, 2024