On the Offense: New Strategies to Control Tech Projects

Specialized publishing requires increasing capital investment, particularly in technology. As a result, Technology is now the most significant expense line in new initiatives. That puts many Renewd member companies at a disadvantage, particularly compared to larger “competitors” with private equity funding and multi-skilled tech resources. Outsourcing big projects is one solution to control costs, but that approach often fails or leaves information companies with no control of their software or products.

Join David Foster and Renaud Selmès to discuss how to control tech projects to ensure they stay within budget and on time.  Prior to joining BVR, Renaud was a senior technology officer at FactSet, a huge financial data company. He saw what worked—and the costly problems that often arose—with both domestic and offshore development projects. He also worked closely with FactSet’s large tech and research center in India and learned the essentials of keeping development on time and within budget. “It’s common for information publishers to get burned,” Renaud says if they don’t have strong management and resources.

Viewer takeaways include:

  • Which tech skills are essential to build successful new projects, and how to staff for what you need
  • How to reduce your monthly costs without delaying necessary upgrades
  • Which development and research projects can most effectively be outsourced
  • How to establish an offshore tech center that competes with the big providers
  • Ways to build your own tech IP that can be “reused” to enhance existing products or even to license to third parties
  • How to combine digital and traditional methods to identify new customer needs
  • The best ways to control the architecture of new technology, even when working with offshore developers
  • Ways to make sure your new technology uses the best new tools to extend your product lifecycles

Date Recorded:  September 22, 2022