On the Offense: Capitalizing on the Power of Customer Rankings

Renewd’s “On The Offense” series of in-depth interviews takes a look at strategic change! This month, we’ll be joined by Suzanne Verity of EB Medicine as we discuss Capitalizing on the Power of Customer Ranking “Top 100” Surveys

Suzanne was involved at the beginning in one of the most successful Top Firm surveys of all time, initially launched by the Public Accounting Report in the 1980s.  That project changed PAR’s brand and publishing strategy and has grown and evolved through multiple owners to include thousands of firms.  The rankings continue to be cited by the WSJ and other business journals and generate dozens of articles every year.

Exclusive Takeaways for Renewd Members

  • How to unlock all the power of customer research and rankings—including brand growth, monetization, and journalistic leadership
  • What survey best practices are now
  • What to ask—and what not to ask.
  • How PAR got 100% participation in the first three years
  • Who should conduct the surveys to gain maximum value, and
  • Much more…

Speaker: Suzanne Verity, EB Medicine

Moderator:  David Foster, Business Valuation Resources

Date of Recording:  April 28, 2022