On the Offense: Enabling Your Customers to be Your Best Sales Resource

Advocacy marketing—helping your best customers sell your events and subscriptions—is increasingly important in this age of “net promoter scores” and “experts selling to experts.” Many Renewd members rely on LinkedIn and other social media as a basis for getting customers to promote information products. But, now there are new tools like InGo, Gleanin, and Snoball that empower this sales and marketing strategy—and early adopters are reporting big wins from their investments.

Kirsty and Alicia from MPG share how you can arm your own sales and marketing programs to increase this low-cost-of-sales strategy to surpass your 2023 targets.

Watch the recording to discover:

– Have you overlooked the members of your customer universe who are most likely to sell on your behalf?
– How should you measure the pay-off from investing in advocacy marketing?
– Which advocacy marketing tool is best for your needs?
– What demands will new advocacy marketing efforts put on existing staff, and how should you plan for that?
– Do discounts and other benefits work to motivate your customers to sell on your behalf?

Recorded: January 26, 2023