On the Offense: Investing to Grow Now—A 2021 Success Story

This extraordinary edition of On the Offense: Growth Strategies for Information Industry Leaders features Tom Gale, the CEO of MDM. Over the past decade, Tom has made a number of major strategic moves with uncertain outcomes, but suddenly his investments paid off this year with 600-person Zoom community events and 20% plus subscription, membership and revenue growth rates during COVID.
Tom’s achieved this result without outside funding—so his bets had to pay off. Join this session to hear what changed for this 50-year old company that serves the major distributor industry. Our live discussion will dive into how Tom revolutionized MDM by:

  • Taking the right advice from other Renewd members and experts—and putting it into action.
  • Transforming MDM’s leadership—particularly his own.
  • Turning the concept of “diversifying revenues” into a tough business plan–and then executing on the plan.
  • Eliminating the noise around “community” to take specialization to a whole new level.
  • Building a protective “content moat” against the immediate risk of new market entrants, and
  • Hiring game-changing talent on a tight budget.

Listen today for Tom’s compelling story on investing to grow.

Date Recorded: September 28, 2021