On the Offense: New Strategies to Find the Customers You Need

Kim and David discussed how to define the right market and product offering in an environment that is now riskier, costlier, and more prone to error. Kim addressed what strategies work and building blocks are necessary to guarantee that your new products and initiatives find their best markets and customers They also discussed the increasingly important role of customer-led research and processes.

Viewer takeaways will include:

  • How to combine digital and traditional methods to identify new customer needs and how to define the buying characteristics of your most desirable market segments
  • What’s changed about identifying the “personas” who will become your most avid influencers
  • How the role of SEO in new product development has changed (and how to avoid wasting lead gen resources)
  • New ways to benefit from the changing dynamics of free vs. paid customer acquisition strategies

Date Recorded: August 25, 2022