On the Offense: What Unlocks Value: An Exclusive New Research Study of Business Information Leaders

This extraordinary edition of On the Offense: Growth Strategies for Information Industry Leaders features Ian Hart, a strategy leader from IHS Markit and Informa. During the sale of IHS Markit to SPGI, Ian pursued his Executive MBA at London Business School, capping the experience with one-on-one interviews with business leaders in our industry.

For the first time, Ian will share the most important findings from his lengthy—and personal—research project. Takeaways include:

  • The two kinds of sellers in today’s information market—and how buyers and sellers need to manage the process to succeed with each
  • The signs that management team transformation is adequate to create new value
  • The five key drivers of positive value in an acquisition (or a new product launch)
  • What should you look for during due diligence (or when researching a new product)?
  • The six most common reasons new business initiatives lose value

Listen today for a fascinating discussion on M&A.