On the Offense with Dan Oswald: Surviving AND Growing in This Post-Pandemic World

There are few success stories in the Renewd community as impressive as Dan Oswald.

His 30+ years in the business have seen him as President of Ragan Communications and then M. Lee Smith before he started Simplify Compliance.  With a number of successful strategic acquisitions, Simplify has become a 9-figure business dominating the markets it serves.

Dan has found lucrative efficiencies and economies of scale but more importantly has understood the strategic imperative to think about the business beyond simply delivering content, with data, software, associations, and more.

In this On the Offense conversation with Renewd Founder, Ed Coburn, Dan will discuss the secrets that have made it all work as well as what he sees ahead for Renewd companies looking to survive and grow in the post-pandemic world.

Date Recorded: March 24, 2022