Price Your Products and Services Right: Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Mark spoke about how you optimally price your products, the right and wrong way to price test, the best ways to increase pricing, emerging trends in pricing, and more. This was an interactive session, not a presentation, with the attendees.


About Mark Stiving

Mark is a pricing expert who helps companies understand value, how to create it, communicate it, and capture it. His mission is to educate companies about value-based pricing, which means charging what a customer is willing to pay.

He has a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley, an MBA from Santa Clara University, plus 25+ years of pricing experience. As an educator, speaker, and coach, Mark applies innovative, value-based pricing strategies to guide growth and increase profits for large and small companies. In addition, Mark has written three books, including “Win Keep Grow: How to Price and Package to Accelerate Your Subscription


Speaker:  Mark Stiving, Ph.D.  Chief Pricing Education at Impact Pricing LLC

Recorded:  November 15 for a very interactive webinar with pricing expert Mark Stiving.