The Visionary/Integrator Partnership: Successfully Transitioning Founder-Led Information and Media Companies with New CEOs and COOs.

This roundtable discussed what needs to happen when successfully scaling independent media and information businesses consider a change of leadership. Founder/CEOs often require new COOs to run and professionalize business operations; business owners may seek a CEO to replace them. It was developed to help Founders, CEOs, and business owners to decide whether to develop a new leadership structure and to plan for success.


It is part of the Renewd “On the Offense” series for business leaders and is held in partnership with the Media Entrepreneur Meetup.

  • is an open community for professionals in the subscriptions, communities, and events sectors
  • The Media Entrepreneur Meetup is a global network of 350+ Founders and CEOs of independent media and information companies

Date Recorded:  October 28, 2021