Unlocking insights: How to collect and transform large volumes of data to successfully build a new data product


Building a data product involves collecting, processing, and utilizing data to deliver value to users, and most publishers are looking at how they can leverage data to provide their customers with in-depth insights, industry intelligence and enhanced data-driven storytelling. Whilst some businesses are just starting to explore adding data products, others are some way into this process and many have successfully launched a data product and are now looking at adding more.

In this session, Renewd partner, Merit Data and Technology, is joined by industry practitioners who have successfully launched data products and they take listeners through the stages of getting a data product up and running. The session focuses on the practical considerations around collection, processing and transforming large sets of data, and provides suggestions on how the ongoing maintenance can be managed and embedded into a business, once the product has been launched.

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Recorded: October 11, 2023