Using Content Usage Data to Grow Subscription Renewals

Do you ever wonder that if you understood your subscribers’ and customers’ content usage how you could use this knowledge to drive better renewals discussions?

As technology allows publishers to have ever-greater insight into how readers engage and use content, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know what data is important and how it can be usefully implemented by commercial teams.

In this roundtable join Devin Holland, Director of Business Development, Bioinformatics, a life science industry publisher and Edwin Bailey,Director of Marketing, Publish Interactive a technology provider, for a practical overview of how usage data can help deliver profitable high-value subscriptions. They will share how engagement metrics are used by sales and account management teams when conducting subscription renewals with high-value customers in the life-science industry.

The speakers will cover:

  • How customer success teams can gain insight into subscribers’ interest areas.
  • What technology can and needs to do to provide useful data.
  • How usage data can make the case for company-wide licenses.
  • Understanding the difference between subscriber usage and perceived value.

After this session participants will have a better understanding of how to use subscriber data and takeaway practical advice that they can implement in their publishing business.