Sales Team Structure and Compensation

Sheran Fernando, Chief Operating Officer of Warren Communications, and Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine, tackle the thorniest of issues: how to organize, manage and motivate a sales team – whether that “team” is a single staffer working from home or a dozen individuals located in offices across the globe. The best-laid plans (and KPIs) can super-charge performance. But how do you tell what’s “best” from what’s a deflating over-stretch? Moderated by John Hitchcock.

• Setting priorities on markets and products
• Working with other departments – when to encourage, when to discourage
• Lines of communication to and from management
• Base vs variable – Is there more than one “right” ratio?

Recorded: January 24, 2024
HOST: Joseph Coleman, Executive Director, Renewd
MODERATOR: John Hitchcock, Managing Director, Energy Intelligence

Power Point Presentations:

Presentation by Sheran Fernando

Presentation by Stephanie Williford