Crisp Writing for a Competitive Advantage

As serious information professionals, regardless of our industry or role, we all write. Whether a business proposal, a blog post, or a marketing campaign, the words you let loose on the world say as much about you as your business attire, hairstyle, or choice of pet.

While you do not have to become a full-on grammar geek, word nerd, nitpicker of the nitty-gritty, or an overly zealous fussbudget, we believe anyone’s prose would benefit from a routine oil change. And why does it all matter? Incorrect usage can:

– Muddy your message
– Unsparkle your sales copy
– Confuse customers
– Make you – and, by association, your company – look hackish and dim

Author, Grammar Expert, Writing Coach, and Social Media Smoothie Ellen Jovin has traveled almost 30,000 miles answering grammar questions at her pop-up grammar advice stand, the “Grammar Table,” and in this webinar, moderated by Tom Hagy, Ellen delivers an entertaining selection of grammar, punctuation, and usage insights, valuable for professional writers or professionals who write.

Recorded: January 17, 2023