On the Offense: How to Succeed When Your Paid and Free Users Demand Different Content

Energy Intelligence discovered a gap between its web analytics reporting and its paid content strategy. The different use cases they saw appeared to offer a huge new growth opportunity. “Our traditional users are huge consumers of news more centrally around energy topics,” John explains. Unfortunately, their newer web visitors wanted something different. “They’re generally less familiar with energy and they respond more to articles on geopolitics and risk. What intrigued us was, is there enough of an overlap to make the new fit with the old?”

Like most digital publishers, John’s web analytics data on content usage is rich and deep. But, the leadership struggled to answer two questions: 1) Could Energy Intelligence produce quality content to compete for these new users, and 2) If so, would they pay for it?

Listen in as John and host David Foster discuss how Energy Intelligence:

° Quantified the costs of investing in a new market segment that wasn’t as involved as their core readers

° Determined the metrics that helped them decide whether these new users were buyers

° Adjusted their free content strategies to better understand prospect needs

Recorded: March 23, 2023