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Renewd Europe is a regional branch of Renewd - focused on bringing together the Leaders of B2B media/events businesses based in UK/Europe.

This is a group specifically for founders/owners and CEOs/MDs of specialised B2B information businesses focused on strategies to grow recurring revenues from subscriptions, memberships and events.

Run by members and for members, the Renewd Europe group meet regularly via in-person roundtables, breakfasts and dinners in London.  Online events are also run by and for this group to share knowledge, be inspired and swap ideas with people who ‘get it’.

Join Renewd Europe to connect with other Leaders at a similar stage of their journey, or learn from those who have ‘been there, done that’ and have valuable stories to share. The 2023 Leader Member package provides a ‘safe space’ for you to:

  1. Discuss strategy with fellow Leaders at Renewd roundtables
  2. Learn from experts and interviews with leaders
  3. Get answers to your most burning questions
  4. Network with your peers over breakfasts and dinners
  5. Make valuable, new connections within a unique and trusted peer-network
  6. Raise your profile in the industry

Please find all the details of Renewd Europe 2023 Leader Membership here.

To become a Renewd Europe Leader Member, please contact Sue Stevens -