Privacy: Cutting Through the Confusion

As if GDPR and CCPA weren’t hard enough to understand – or even to remember what the acronyms stand for – along come additional privacy laws from Utah, Vermont, and a host of other states. What’s a well-respected information company with clients across state and international borders to do?

Keep calm and listen to Renewd member John Hitchcock as he interviews partners from the Powley Gibson law firm about privacy law’s impact on the information industry. Together they explore:

– Who privacy laws are aiming to protect and punish
– What basic benchmarks and practices are best for publishers, event organizers and consultants
– Which national and international privacy laws are most relevant to your business
– How to respond to a privacy complaint

The hour-long session had plenty of room for questions and wrapped up with a review of key take-aways to help you comply – and sleep better at night.

Recorded: April 18, 2023