Unleashing AI for Better Marketing and Audience Engagement [Partner Content]

2023 will be remembered as the year artificial intelligence began to seriously impact Renewd member businesses. It boasts a promise of increased efficiency, competitive advantage and better profit margins, but carries significant concerns about accuracy, privacy, legality, ethics, and even job displacement.


While that’s plenty to keep a media executive both hopeful and nervous about the future of media and their business, there are many practical tools in use today that leverage generative AI and AI-powered insights to help media companies grow and operate more efficiently.


In this webinar, we addressed some of the most burning questions about using AI in your business:


How do you start planning for AI, what are the biggest challenges?

How do you staff for AI, and what are “prompt engineers”?

What legal considerations should you keep in mind when working with AI?

How can you better position yourself and your team to adapt to and take full advantage of AI?


This interactive discussion provided a framework for thinking about AI holistically, and then we got into some practical strategies, tools and tips for leveraging AI in your organization.


This free webinar is brought to you by Renewd and co-sponsored by our partners rasa.io and Contentware.